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Case History

Female Age 55    -    Bright Intelligent Lady in stable relationship with active life.

My patient, whom I will refer to as “Jane” first came to see me in October 2001. She had been going through a very stressful period, as her partner had been very ill and had recently undergone successful spinal surgery.

Whilst on holiday in Crete she had been looking up into a tree when she suddenly felt very dizzy. At first she thought that it was a reaction to the heat and the stress she had been experiencing. This dizziness did not improve and she began to feel very anxious and upset. She became prone to crying very easily for no apparent reason. She was also getting pain in her left shoulder and neck.

She experienced palpitations,  a racing heart and occasional sensation of her heart stopping.

She was given a full medical examination over the months prior to me seeing her and no problems could be identified.

She had reasonably free rotation of her neck, head flexion was free however she found any extension of the neck to be “scary” although it did not hurt.

On examination I found that her neck had subluxations at C1, C2 and C4,C5 & C6. Her pelvis was also misaligned. The right anterior misalignment of her Atlas was particularly pronounced.

The day following the first treatment she reported feeling tired and anxious but by the evening somewhat better. Her neck felt more comfortable and her shoulder and lower back more uncomfortable. I treated “Jane” six times over the next month and by this time she reported feeling “back to normal” psychologically although her neck and shoulders continued to stiffen up over the course of her working day. After three months she was “absolutely fine”

I now see her for maintenance treatments on a quarterly basis.