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During Pregnancy  -  The body goes through many changes during pregnancy, most wonderful and some more challenging! As the baby develops the mother must adapt to the changes in her balance and posture. She must cope with the physical weight of the baby and the extra weight that she puts on to enable her to nourish her infant.

During this time Chiropractic treatment can be very beneficial in helping her body to remain balanced and working at its best. The McTimoney technique of chiropractic uses gentle and precise adjustments that help the body to use its own inbuilt, or innate, knowledge to maintain optimum balance. This in turn helps to minimise the discomfort that can occur  during pregnancy. It can also help to ensure that her body is best equipped to help the baby develop.

Post Natal  -  The birth of a baby is a wonderful and natural event.  It does however place considerable stress on both the mother and baby. The ligaments of the mother soften and stretch to allow the baby to be delivered and the mother may well place considerable stress on her pelvis and back during delivery. After the baby is delivered the mother’s body goes through the natural process of returning to its pre-pregnant state. Muscles and ligaments tighten up and all being well mother nature works her miracle.  Sometimes at this time the messages that pass between brain and body can become unbalanced and consequently misalignment of the bones of the body can occur. This in turn can result in pressure on the nerves and consequent pain and discomfort or other less obvious problems.  We can not promise to solve all post natal problems but we do believe that we may very well be able to help.


We also offer Deep Tissue Massage as a compliment to McTimoney Chiropractic. The massage is very relaxing and can help with aches and pains and relief of tension .

Healing is a Process not an Event

The objective of Chiropractic treatment is to allow the body to heal itself. Because the McTimoney method works with the body and the adjustments are very rarely uncomfortable the patient is able to relax during the treatment. Once the body is better aligned the bodies natural healing process can begin. This process depends on the individual as every patient is unique.

We are very privileged to be able to report that about 90% of McTimoney Patients have found the treatment effective and a similar proportion have recommended their family or friends to a McTimoney Chiropractor. Our own experience exceeds these results.

If you would like to find out if McTimoney Chiropractic may be able to help you please ring Sue or Steve Minter at Sussex Chiropractic and they will be very happy to talk to you.