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Conditions Suitable for Treatment


  Sciatic Pain

  Neck and shoulder problems

  Headaches and migraine

  Sports Injuries

  Asthma (When linked to biomechanical problems)

  Knee, ankle and foot problems

  In fact many conditions may be helped by Chiropractic treatment

  If you are unsure if chiropractic can help you please ask.

Who can be treated?

  As McTimoney Chiropractic is a very gentle technique almost anyone   can be treated.

  Babies & Children


  Pregnant Mothers

  Senior citizens

  Even quite frail individuals can be treated in safety.

How many treatments?

Generally between two and six treatments, at weekly intervals, during the acute stage.  The precise number and frequency will be discussed and agreed as treatment proceeds.

How long do treatments last?

 We allow an hour for the Initial consultation and treatment.

 Subsequent treatments take about half an hour.

Do you take X-Rays?   -   No

On the very rare occasions that an X-ray or MRI Scan is required the Chiropractor will help you to arrange this through your GP or privately.

How often?  -  Initially once a week and then less frequently.

Every patient is different and the frequency will depend on factors such as:

Level of fitness

How long the problem has existed

Nature of the injury


Levels of stress   etc.