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Back Pain  -  Back Pain can have many causes but the most common result from misalignment of the bones of the Pelvis and Spine. Many patients come into our clinic having suffered with back pain for many years. They have tried  many alternatives and find that the gentle whole body McTimoney Technique works.

Migraine  -  Migraine can also have many causes, however in our experience there is frequently a connection between migraine and problems with the vertebrae of the neck. The gentle and safe McTimoney neck adjustments, in conjunction with treating the whole body as appropriate, frequently eliminates or dramatically improves the severity or frequency of migraine attacks.  It is also important for the patient to look at their diet when addressing migraine, as there is often a link.

Headaches  -  As with migraine, Chiropractic can be very effective in treating headaches. We have had many patients come to see us with headaches that have been happening for a very long time. They have almost given up trying to find a solution. Once again the problem often lies in the upper spine and once this is re-aligned with gentle adjustments the headaches have gone away.

Asthma  -  Chiropractic can sometimes help with Asthma . Particularly where the problem is connected with a restriction in the free movement of the rib cage. We have had success helping singers, among other patients, who were experiencing difficulty breathing fully.

Sciatic Pain -  Sciatic pain is often used to describe a variety of problems in the lower back and down through the pelvis and into the legs. This type of pain is common and very debilitating. The pain is often the result of the nerves that run from the lower back down the legs, including the sciatic nerve, becoming stretched, compressed or in some other way damaged. In order to relieve the damage to the nerve and allow it to heal we gently re-align the pelvis and spine. These gentle and specific adjustments may alleviate the cause of the problem and allow the body to heal itself.

Frozen Shoulder  -  Patients who come to see us with "frozen shoulders" often have a variety of symptoms. Some have severe pain around their shoulder, some can not move their shoulder very much and others have pain in both their shoulder and down the arm.  Generally the problem originates in the nerves that control the shoulder. The nerve has become damaged in some way and is failing to control the muscles correctly and sending pain signals to the brain. Correcting the alignment of the bones of the body allows the nerve to heal and the messages to get through correctly again. Chiropractic can be very effective at treating frozen shoulders.

Healing is a Process not an Event

The objective of Chiropractic treatment is to allow the body to heal itself. Because the McTimoney method works with the body and the adjustments are very rarely uncomfortable the patient is able to relax during the treatment. Once the body is better aligned the bodies natural healing process can begin. This process depends on the individual as every patient is unique.