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Having had backache for several years with only short periods of relief, my discomfort increased to constant pain. I had been receiving regular physiotherapy and traditional methods of Chiropractic treatment.

A close friend recommended I try the Sussex Chiropractic Centre with their very gentle McTimoney method. So I did. After only a few sessions the periods of relief grew much longer and have now reached the stage where I just need corrective treatment about 3 or 4 times a year. This method of treatment reaches all parts of the body and not just your initial area of pain. In my case this meant that my constantly recurring and at times severe headaches have also ceased.

Two family members have also tried the McTimoney Chiropractic method with very positive results. So if you are in pain, or feel you are not making progress with your existing form of treatment, I can sincerely recommend you try this method. It has certainly made a dramatic change to my life and without the backache or the headaches I can travel widely and make plans with confidence.


Kate Workman

One very satisfied patient